A Guide to Mobile and Web Technology(LAMP)


Working as a Technology Lead – Enterprise Mobility.
Having experience in Mobile Application Development (especially in Blackberry and Android Smart Phones), Hybrid Mobile Development, Web Development (RWD & LAMP), Open Social Application Development.

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  1. hai there,im developing an android application.its like a mobile spy that can capture incoming and outgoing SMS in android and sent it mysql database..im a newbie and i really dont know so much about android..can u guide me from where i should start?

  2. mr.katharnavas, i am waiting for your reply..hope you will see my comment here.need your help regarding this topic.

    • Sorry, I’m out of my desk tats why I haven’t replied. I have attached source code for listening outgoing and incoming sms in my last post. Even you can find code on my previous posts for sending sms or mms programmatically. You can also find instructions from google site to initiate sms to simulator. Hope this all helps.

      • sorry to troubling you.i have tried your code.it works when i sent sms via telnet to the simulator.but can you show me where should i put the toast function so that i know when sent sms is captured.i dont know how to put your code so that when i sent sms to simulator,it receives and show a pop up.can u show me?your help is much needed..thanks

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