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How to split a string in to array of strings in Blackberry

The following code block shows how to split a string in to array of strings in blackberry.

private String[] split(String strString, String strDelimiter) {
        String[] strArray;
        int iOccurrences = 0;
        int iIndexOfInnerString = 0;
        int iIndexOfDelimiter = 0;
        int iCounter = 0;
        //Check for null input strings.
        if (strString == null) {
            throw new IllegalArgumentException("Input string cannot be null.");
        //Check for null or empty delimiter strings.
        if (strDelimiter.length() <= 0 || strDelimiter == null) {
            throw new IllegalArgumentException("Delimeter cannot be null or empty.");
        if (strString.startsWith(strDelimiter)) {
            strString = strString.substring(strDelimiter.length());
        //If strString does not end with the delimiter then add it
        //to the string in order to comply with the desired format.
        if (!strString.endsWith(strDelimiter)) {
            strString += strDelimiter;
        //Count occurrences of the delimiter in the string.
        //Occurrences should be the same amount of inner strings.
        while((iIndexOfDelimiter = strString.indexOf(strDelimiter,
            iIndexOfInnerString)) != -1) {
            iOccurrences += 1;
            iIndexOfInnerString = iIndexOfDelimiter +
        //Declare the array with the correct size.
        strArray = new String[iOccurrences];
        //Reset the indices.
        iIndexOfInnerString = 0;
        iIndexOfDelimiter = 0;
        //Walk across the string again and this time add the
        //strings to the array.
        while((iIndexOfDelimiter = strString.indexOf(strDelimiter,
            iIndexOfInnerString)) != -1) {
            //Add string to array.
            strArray[iCounter] = strString.substring(iIndexOfInnerString,iIndexOfDelimiter);
            //Increment the index to the next character after
            //the next delimiter.
            iIndexOfInnerString = iIndexOfDelimiter +
            //Inc the counter.
            iCounter += 1;
        return strArray;
    }//fn split

To make the function call

String delimit = ",";
String mainStr = "apple, banana, orange, pineapple, cherry";
String[] fruits = split(mainStr , delimit);